Deer Control...

You love your landscape. So protect it!

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Our Deer Repellent Service is effective...
it's organic, odor-free, and dries clear.

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Tailored Service For Your Landscape...

We tailor applications and their timing to the plantings in your landscape and deer pressure in your area. Did you know that deer eat different things during different times of the year? We have it down to a science.


No Hassle and No Fuss Programs...

We don't charge you per application. We really keep things simple. First, request an estimate. We will evaluate your property and talk to you about your options. Then just sign up with a credit card to start your program.


Ongoing Deer Control Research

We pride ourselves on being the best we can be. We regularly test and develop deer control methods and repellents. This allows us to create tailored service plans that work best for you and your landscape.


Specializing in Deer Control

We Stop Deer does not provide any other services... Just deer damage control. This allows us to focus and provide the best protection possible.